Welcome to the Autism Society of Dayton!

Everyone’s story is different.

The experience of Autism is not one thing. It is many things. It’s dreams, talents, relationships, victories, hurdles, and everything in between. The connection between those experiences is you. You break the mold. No matter who you are, the person you are is infinite—and you are the only you there is on this journey!

The Dayton Autism Society (DAS) is a non-profit organization that is made up of a board of volunteers who are parents, family members, professionals in the field of disability services, and other interested persons.

DAS exists to advocate for, support, and educate families living with autism. The Dayton Autism Society serves families from the greater Miami Valley and an estimated 4,000 families living with autism. These families reside in Montgomery, Miami, Greene, Darke, and Preble counties.

We Are Proud to Support A Strong Community in Dayton!The connection is you.

Our mission.
We create connections, empowering
everyone in the Autism community
with the resources needed to live fully.

What the Autism Society Does

Everyone deserves to live fully. At the core of the Autism Society’s work is a goal to influence meaningful change in support of the Autism community. We strive to advocate for individuals diagnosed with ASD and their families and provide support through all phases of life. 

Get Involved

Work together, and make a difference. We welcome all members of our community to join our organization to support our efforts by volunteering in any way that they can. 

Dignity…where the value and self-determination of every individual is upheld

Equity…where everyone with Autism achieves the highest possible quality of life

Inclusion…where every person is integrated into society without barriers or exceptions in a collaborative environment

Diversity…where everyone is respected for their unique and individual differences

Integrity…where we conduct ourselves with honor, truth, and respect in our thoughts, words, and actions

Our vision.

Creating a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need when they need it.

Your Donation Will Go Directly Towards Our Grant Program and Events