At Glow Bright, our speech, occupational, and physical therapy is designed to teach parents how to recognize easy and natural ways to practice skills right within daily routines! Our company is founded by busy parents, like you, who guide their team to deliver impactful therapy that is easy to integrate into your regular life. Our pediatric speech, occupational, & physical therapists are ready to serve families with fun, effective, and evidence-based services to help your child grow.




Applied Learning InstituteApplied Learning Institute (ALI) specializes in providing individualized, one-to-one Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ABA is the leading and most effective treatment for individuals with ASD. Our treatment programs focus on social-emotional, communication, and behavioral needs.

At, Achieve Together, we accept people with autism and all disabilities as they are: beautiful, valuable members of our society who enhance our lives and community every day. We offer our services to teach behaviors that help them navigate the world in a way that makes their lives fuller and richer without compromising who they are as individuals. Our goal is to make Applied Behavior Analysis fit the person and family by providing research-based and socially valid recommendations and always practicing with high ethical and professional standards.

ABC Pediatric Therapy, powered by IvyRehab, is proud to offer Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Physical therapy, and ABA Therapy services. We offer ABA Therapy as Center-based, full day/half day and we also offer after-school programs. Our dynamic approach to therapy produces amazing results in children every day. Kids gain skills faster because of our unique treatment, facility, and staff. Our child-directed approach is more fun for kids and helps them achieve their goals faster than more traditional therapy methods. 

As a leading national autism treatment provider, Trumpet Behavioral Health helps individuals with autism spectrum disorder, social communication disorders, and developmental delays reach their full potential.


Hearts For ABA provides quality services for children ages 3-12 with autism and other developmental disabilities. An assessment of the current level and a treatment approach is developed to meet the individual needs of each child. Our treatment is firmly rooted in the principles of Behavior Analysis; employing empirically validated interventions and procedures.

Key Behavior Services was formed in 2013 in Dayton, OH. Since then, Key Behavior has served over 500 individuals and families with autism and other related disabilities. Key Behavior Services employs over a dozen BCBA’s, and dozens of Registered Behavior Technicians.  We work with children and school districts in the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati areas, along with families in Northern Kentucky. Key Behavior specializes in home-based ABA therapy and school-based services. We provide an intensive ABA model, which means the majority of clients receiving our services receive between 10 and 40 hours per week of services.

ABS Dayton is proud to offer low-ratio classrooms for half-day or full-day placements. Curriculums are highly individualized for each student by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and staff who is highly trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Behavior support plans coupled with parent training sessions help extend services into the home. Natural environment teaching, 1:1, and small group instruction make up a student’s day and are complimented with Music Therapy, Behavioral Counseling Services, and 1:1 ABA sessions.

Synergy Family Therapy Specialists was created using a family approach. Through their years of experience, Marc and Kim Colclasure realized that they were able to either treat children or adults, but never both in the same facility. When Marc and Kim opened Synergy Family Therapy, they knew they had a passion for treating children with Special Needs. They also noticed the caregivers (Mom, Dad, Grandparent, etc.)  needed to be addressed as well, but were often never taken care of because they were too busy caring for their child and family. Synergy Family Therapy allows them to live out their dream and passion of caring for the whole family, from pediatrics to geriatrics and everyone in between.

Brain Balance is the leading drug-free program designed to help kids improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance. Our comprehensive programming incorporates learnings from cognitive, behavioral, and nutrition fields—an integrated approach that is literally redefining what’s possible

Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers have improved the quality of life of thousands of children and families touched by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) since 2005. Founded by Kim Strunk and led by a team of experienced clinicians, we’re dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care for underserved communities.

Serving clients aged 18 months to 18 years in the Greater Dayton Area. Currently providing in-home services; first clinic location coming soon!

Adina ABA addresses the social, behavioral, and life skills of individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, taking a gentle approach to treating the whole child. Our program focuses on respecting the autonomy of the client and ensuring their participation and comfort during therapy.