Autism Resource Center

“The Dayton Autism Society exists to advocate for, support, and educate families living with autism. While we do provide recommendations for services, we cannot provide families with legal assistance nor do we endorse any medical facilities or programs. If you experiencing a crisis, please call the Montgomery County Crisis Line at 833-580-2255 for immediate assistance.”

Medical assistance


We know you have a choice when it comes to where you take your child for their health. You wouldn’t just trust them with anyone and you want someone who will put them first, the same way that you do.   At Dayton Children’s we treat your children like they’re our own – because they are. Our families live, work and play together. Our kids go to the same schools, play on the same playgrounds, and dream the same big dreams. We’re parenting partners, care champions, and inspiring innovators. We’re Dayton Children’s, and we’re here for you.



The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Child Development Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care focusing on evidence-based treatment, education, research, and advocacy for children with the diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our mission is to provide assistance to every child and family affected by ASD who is in need.