We are now accepting applications for our grant program. The team meets once a month to review applications. If you are approved, a team member will contact you and let you know you have been approved. 

We do our best to assist as many families as possible, but we are limited by funding and are not able to meet the needs of all requests. Our grant program is funded by the generosity of our community through donations and fundraising. 


The grant helps those who need some financial assistance to cover the following:

  • Therapy 
  • Bio-medical Treatments 
  • Camp
  • Equipment 
  • Respite Care/Child Care
  • Outstanding medical bills related to the disability

We are happy to be able to provide grants for the amount of $250 to help individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.The current grant cycle will run from January – November or until allocated grant funds are depleted. We will not process any grants in April or December.

Please note that only 1 grant per applicant will be awarded per year with a limit of 2 grants per family per year. Notification of acceptance or denial will be sent through email or mail if no email address is included.

The grant does not cover:

Rent/Mortgage, Utility payments, phone bills, trips/vacations, taxes, shipping, or structural changes to the home



To qualify for a grant, you must live in one of the following counties in Ohio: Montgomery, Greene,  Miami, Preble, or Darke and the individual must be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Funds are dispersed by the grant committee. You will receive a notification by email or mail by the end of the month confirming approval or denial. First priority will go to first time grant applicants, then the remaining funds are distributed to second time applicants.

Download the application and return it via email at asadayton@gmail.com (Attn: Grant Committee) or mail it to Dayton Autism Society, 4801 Springfield st, Dayton Ohio 45431.

All new applications must have the Physician Statement included (your application will not be processed without it). This form must be renewed once a year.