When an individual turns 18, they will be responsible for taking care of their everyday task, such as making appointments, signing off on documents, etc. In order for a parent/caretaker to speak on their behalf, they must apply for guardianship.

The process can only begin once the individual turns 18. One form must be filled out by a physician and a couple of forms must be notarized. Forms must be submitted within a 3-month time period (the physician form has a 3-month limit) or you will need to submit a new physician’s form. Assistance can be provided to help file guardianship paperwork.

Forms can be found at:

Montgomery County:

Greene County:

Miami County:

State of Ohio:

Some other important items to consider for your adult child as they transition from educational school age programs:

Selective Services-all males, no matter if they are disabled or not, must register when they turn 18. To learn more about this, please visit

Social Security for the disabled-Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs provide assistance to people who meet our requirements for disability.

Jury Duty-It is possible for an individual diagnosed with a disability to be called to serve on jury duty. For someone who is unable to serve, they will need to submit a letter from their doctor stating that they are “permanently disabled” in order to be excused. Information about jury duty can be found at: