The Dayton Autism Society is an affiliate of the Autism Society of America. We are a volunteer organization that aims to provide support to families of individuals diagnosed with ASD.

We do not evaluate for autism, nor do we endorse any doctors or medical facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. My child is showing signs of being on the spectrum but I do not know where to go for help. What can I do?

The best place to start is with your family physician. If your child is 5 or under, Dayton Children’s can also help with evaluations.

2. The school refuses to give my child an IEP for autism, what can I do?

Schools are required to complete an evaluation upon the request of a parent when a disability is suspected. This must be done with a team approach and several members of the team must contribute in order to make a decision. The key component of the decision-making is the impact on the child’s access to education and their progress. IEPs are not “given,” they are developed by a team after the completion of the ETR is done and the disability is identified.

A medical diagnosis of ASD does not always translate to an educational diagnosis. Check out this document on the Myths and Misconceptions of Identifying ASD

3. Are there any resources for parents to help with parenting?

Positive Parenting Program-great resource that offers classes

4. I am an adult and suspect that I may be autistic, is there a place I can go for help?

It is best to talk with your family doctor about your concerns.

5. I am looking for a summer camp or program, where can I find that information?

Free & Low Cost Summer Camps