BoundaryCare is a remote monitoring technology offered by Boundless and is designed to enhance independence, safety, and well-being. We use a  specially configured Apple Watch to send reminders, gather wellness information, and collect responses to questions. BoundaryCare even includes 60 minutes of phone calling per month, so guardians and DSPs are just a call away. What does the person with the watch need to do? Not much! just put it on your wrist in the morning and back on the charger at night. Wellness data (agreed to by you and Boundless) will be collected silently in the background.

Why It’s Helpful
Everyone is different, so BoundaryCare will be customized to your needs. Depending on your treatment plan, features like these may be enabled:

Fall alerts (letting caregivers or DSPs know about falls)
-Exercise and diet data collection 
-Wellness data (heart rate & rhythm, oxygen saturation)
-Medication (or other personalized) reminders
-Location information (if approved by you)

BoundaryCare uses a specially locked-down version of the Apple Watch. Only approved apps are available on the watch, and it is simple to use. For more information about BoundaryCare, click here!