Every batch of Pets & People dog treats is made by adults with disabilities in Dayton, OH. From mixing the dough to packaging each biscuit, our Pets & People team takes great pride in knowing dogs everywhere love these tasty treats.

Available in chicken, beef, and cheese flavors, each bag contains approximately forty medium-sized treats made from whole wheat flour, cornmeal, water, vegetable oil, chicken, beef, or cheese base, and preservative. Every bag purchased helps support Boundless and creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

You can find Pets & People treats in a variety of stores. Visit the website to find a store near you!

To order yours directly (even if it’s just one bag!) or to inquire into stocking our treats at your store, please contact Candace Bundy at cbundy@iamboundless.org

Interested in stocking our treats at your store or business? Contact Melissa Engle at mengle@iamboundless.org.


Popcorn for the People was established to create career opportunities for the disabled community.

The vision of Let’s Work For Good is to create world where any adult interested in working can find a career they enjoy; earn fair, competitive wages; and maximize their independence. With your help, we envision a society where businesses appreciate all abilities, value a neurodiverse workforce, and provide necessary supports. To decrease the opportunity gap for people with disabilities, our mission is to create a sustainable, inclusive, and safe work environment and to hire and train as many neurodiverse workers as possible.

Although our tangible output may be gourmet popcorn, program success is really the individual accomplishments and growth of our neurodiverse team. Instead of driving business to increase profitability, our goal is to grow the business as a means of increasing employment opportunities. Our focus is on the employees and allocating resources to provide necessary training and support so people who would otherwise face unemployment can maximize their independence in an inclusive workspace.
All donations and popcorn proceeds directly support our neurodiverse workforce, either directly paying salaries or being reinvested into production capacity.


Natural Modalities

When we have a deeper, empathetic understanding of ourselves we naturally begin to heal.  The body as a whole, i.e.,  mind, body and spirit,  has a symbiotic relationship with each other and each has an innate need to be whole and balanced. When one is out of sync the others can manifest symptoms.  Many times it is the symptoms that are treated or managed.  Leaving the true catalyst or root unaddressed. 

Our goal at NaturalModalities is to help the individual by encouraging them to be present in their lives and proactive in their healthcare.  Education, human cognition, emotion, communication, and nutrition are a few of the tools that are utilized.  We are dedicated to working with the individual to empower and foster the potential for changing where they currently are in their health, to where they desire to be. Therefore, emphasis is placed on discovering the “root”  cause of their complaint.