The Boy Who Likes to  Sing

Join Xalen, the boy with a heart full of music, on a remarkable journey in ‘The Boy Who Likes To Sing.’ Xalen is not your ordinary child; he faces the challenges of a speech delay with a secret power . . . his love for singing!

In the world of Xalen, every day is a new adventure, and he is always ready to conquer whatever comes his way! With the touch of his magical melodies, even the simplest routines like brushing teeth and getting ready for school become vibrant and harmonious!

**Xalen is a Dayton Ohio local!!**

Who Do You See When You Look at Me?

This is Grace Anna.

Although she might seem different, she is a happy girl with much to share. Are you more like her than you thought you would be?

Though she lives with the daily challenges of disability, Grace Anna is a typical kid with big dreams. With imaginative text and charming illustrations, this inspirational kid’s book teaches children to let go of first impressions and see themselves and others for who they really are.


THIS IS ME helps young kids to understand the various challenges that special needs children suffer with on a daily basis. The physical, mental, and emotional needs are addressed in this book to show that some kids might need some extra help in the classroom, at home, or when they are out and about.

We hope that this book will touch the hearts, and minds of all those who read it, and see that children who have special needs, and disabilities can live productive, and active life in the world that they live in.
This is a 4 book series: THIS IS ME, I CAN and I WILL, IN MY DREAMS, and MAKE A WISH by former Special Ed teacher, Larry S. Glover.

Elijah’s Unique Perspective

Discover the enchanting world of autism with “Elijah’s Unique Perspective” This captivating picture book takes young readers on a remarkable journey through the eyes of Elijah, offering a profound understanding of autism and celebrating the beauty of diversity.

Thoughtfully written and gorgeously illustrated, this touching narrative delves into Elijah’s unique experiences, emotions, and perceptions. With engaging storytelling and vibrant artwork, this book becomes a powerful tool to foster empathy, acceptance, and inclusivity among children.

Embark on an extraordinary voyage with Elijah and let his inspiring story ignite compassion and appreciation for the wonderful differences that make each of us special. “Elijah’s Unique Perspective” is a must-have addition to any child’s bookshelf, opening hearts and minds to the richness of our diverse world.

Be a Friend: PEERspective on Autism

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Children are often curious about others and ask questions or form assumptions about those they perceive as different in less than ideal ways. By introducing characteristics of autism in a manner that promotes understanding and inclusion, assumptions based on fear or confusion can be avoided, and attitudes of acceptance, kindness, and empathy can be fostered.

This book allows the discussion to go one step further by enabling families to share about their child with autism, if they choose, in a personalized, authentic way. 

By local authors Jennifer Schmidt and Sara Anderson